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New Year’s Eve and the Spontaneous Five Course Dinner

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I know this is well over a week late.  And that I haven’t posted anything on this blog in over a month.  But I’m in college and working and I’m super busy.  And trust me, this post is worth the wait.

So, it’s December 31st around 11:00 AM and my sisters and I are sitting at home and the question is asked: “What are we doing tonight?”

Less than a half hour later, we had a grocery list and menu for a five-course meal to serve to our family and significant others.  (The guest list: myself, my sisters Michelle and Karrah, brother Dustin and his extraordinary wife Emily, Karrah’s boyfriend Sam, and of course my boyfriend Chris) Was this necessarily the wisest idea we had ever had?  Probably not.  We only had eight hours to shop, decorate and cook for this party.  Not to mention none of us had even showered yet.  Adventure!

I will link to the recipes for these instead of including them, because none of them were original or even tweaked.  Except Michelle’s Alfredo, perhaps, but that’s her baby.  So I have no idea what the recipe is.

Our first course/hors d’ouevres was basically cheese, bread, fruit, veggies and dips.  No picture available because we ate them. Fast.

Also not pictured: drinkmaster Dustin was in charge of mocktails and mixed drinks for the night.  And they were splendid.  I had a mock mimosa and a virgin piña colada.  Delicious.

As for me, I tried to cram as many vegetables as possible into my courses (excluding dessert, which Karrah actually stepped in and did most of the work on).  Our soup course?

White Bean, Kale and Roasted Vegetable Soup

This soup may seem like it takes a long time for a vegetable and bean soup, but I promise you it is worth every chopped vegetable and minute spent on it.  I will be making it again.  Probably next week.  The leftovers from this soup went fast the next day.  And it tasted even better on day 2.  So delicious.

The salad pictured at the very beginning of the post was the next course.  I had seen the salad made by Donna Hay (who I am unashamed to say I have a bit of girl crush on. . . her food is amazing!  I’ve never had a bad or even a mediocre result from her recipes, and her cookbooks are gorgeous) on YouTube several months ago.  Just watching the video made me salivate, so I was very excited to have an excuse to make it.  Not only was it delicious, but very visually impressive.  I was pretty darn proud of that salad. Even though I didn’t make the dressing from scratch.  Lazy me.

Behold the video.  Behold the magic.

Michelle was in charge of the main course which was chicken alfredo with farfalle.

Her alfredo sauce was definitely a big hit.  I mean, hello. . . there was cream cheese in the alfredo sauce!

(Dustin: Wait. . . is there cream cheese in the alfredo sauce?

Karrah: I heard there’s cream cheese in the alfredo sauce!

Emily: Woah, woah, woah. . . . . there’s cream cheese in the alfredo sauce?!)

And the dessert, which was beautifully hijacked by Karrah and the infamous $400 blender, was chocolate mousse.

No link to this recipe.  Everyone liked it, but I need to find Chris’s recipe.  Because he makes the most amazing chocolate mousse I have ever consumed.  (Note: Chris! Make me some! Soon!)

All in all, I think everyone had a great time.  And it was a fun and and ambitious way to send off 2010.  I would like to do something similar in the future, but I would love to have an extra day to prepare.  Lessons learned.

Expect new blog posts at least weekly (shooting for Sundays). For now I will leave you with a snapshot of the post-dinner festivities (aka. . . the most twisted game of Apples to Apples I have ever participated in.)


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  1. Crystal (Your Favorite) Jewess

    AIDS? Really?
    As you can see, I am behind on reading, so I’m reading now and I want to eat this meal. Particularly the soup and salad.


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