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New Year’s Eve and the Spontaneous Five Course Dinner

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I know this is well over a week late.  And that I haven’t posted anything on this blog in over a month.  But I’m in college and working and I’m super busy.  And trust me, this post is worth the wait.

So, it’s December 31st around 11:00 AM and my sisters and I are sitting at home and the question is asked: “What are we doing tonight?”

Less than a half hour later, we had a grocery list and menu for a five-course meal to serve to our family and significant others.  (The guest list: myself, my sisters Michelle and Karrah, brother Dustin and his extraordinary wife Emily, Karrah’s boyfriend Sam, and of course my boyfriend Chris) Was this necessarily the wisest idea we had ever had?  Probably not.  We only had eight hours to shop, decorate and cook for this party.  Not to mention none of us had even showered yet.  Adventure!

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Mom’s Cream Puffs

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My mother made the most delicious cream puffs.  No, really.  The most delicious cream puffs you will ever taste.  For my twenty-first birthday, she made three dozen cream puffs for dessert.  I ate a dozen of them by myself.  In one day.  About eight of those were in the space of two or three hours.  If I didn’t have the recipe for them, I would think that there was something illegal in them (cocaine!) that makes you compulsively go back for more.

I love this recipe because it’s simple.  It’s not easy, but it’s simple.  The ingredients are all pretty basic.  There aren’t layers of flavor.  It’s just a simple, perfect cream puff.

How does this tie in to living healthfully?  Personally, I believe that eating something just to enjoy it is an essential part of the human experience.  Labeling foods as “good” or “bad” is counterproductive.  It makes food the enemy.  But if you occasionally allow yourself to eat something just for the joy of it, you’re less likely to give up on establishing healthful eating habits.  A treat is a treat because it’s something that you don’t have often, but you enjoy it immensely when you do.  If I ate cream puffs on a weekly or even monthly basis, I wouldn’t enjoy them nearly as much because they wouldn’t be as much of a treat.

Click below for the full recipe.

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