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A Good Day to be Me/What Whitney Ate Wednesday

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Look at me coming back to blog after only a week.  Allow me to pat myself on the back.

I am going to give you the option right now to not hear about my super ridiculously awesome Valentine’s Day.  If you would rather not, please scroll down to where the pictures of food begin.  If you wish to hear about my awesome day yesterday, feel free to stick around and read (or skim) the entirety of the post.  Your choice.

First off, let me say that I had my expectations super ridiculously low for Valentine’s Day.  Chris and I didn’t make any plans and he seemed pretty meh about the whole day anyway and I kind of almost forgot that there are other people in the world who might express affection for me on Valentine’s Day.  Yeah. Go me.  So imagine my surprise when I show up at work at eight am and the first thing I am greeted by is this:

And then imagine my even bigger surprise when I actually get around to the other side of my desk and see this:

Yes, those are tickets to two concerts.  He did good.  So very good.

So my day is already going mega-excellently when the bell rings I am greeted by two identical flower arrangements for me and my sister from our dad.  What a good dad!

Amazing.  And then. . . as if that weren’t good enough, I got a PR on my back squat at CrossFit that evening. 105 lbs!  Also, Chris made me a delicious mango/banana/raspberry smoothie with his fancy shmancy blender.

And then this morning I walked into work and one of my lilies had begun to bloom overnight.  It was like extra icing on my great-day cake.

I can’t wait to see what that looks like tomorrow.  So amazing.  Also, can I just mention that I did not retouch that photo at all other than to resize it? I am in love with this camera.

Alrighty, enough of that.  Now onto the food.

This breakfast likely looks a little weird, but I am super obsessed with this chili right now.  So I had to have some for breakfast.  It’s the chocolate chili in the Well Fed cookbook by Melissa Joulwan.  But you can also get the recipe listed as My Favorite Chili on her website here.  Along with the chili, I had a couple of scrambled eggs and half a sliced avocado.  I would probably eat this every day.

Not pictured: a mid-morning cup of loose leaf tea with no sugar or anything else added.  It didn’t look as good as it tasted.

Lunch was fish tacos/best slaw ever/chipotle dipping sauce from the Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook.  I had been eating these with the coconut flour tortillas, but I ran out.  So I just ate them in some romaine leaves instead.  Also, I do have some slaw in the tacos and extra on the side because it is delicious.

And I rounded lunch out with a few sliced strawberries and some coconut manna.  What is the difference between coconut manna and coconut butter?  I have absolutely no idea.  The ingredients listed are: organic coconut.  So that’s good enough for me.  Also, it is really ridiculously delicious stuff.

And for dinner: more chili! And about a quarter of a sliced avocado because I wasn’t feeling hungry enough for the rest of the half.  You guys seriously must make this chili.  And take her advice about the simmer.

I also made some tuna salad for Chris because he kindly agreed to drive up to the Fashion Place Mall with me so I could spend way too much money at Sephora.  I am now going to go cuddle with my make-up.


Take it Easy (+ Clean-Out-The-Veggie-Drawer Frittata)

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I learn new things all the time.  Like this week I learned that I can get a free copy of the New York Times every single day in one of the buildings I have class in.  I took advantage of this new discovery on Tuesday morning and (after reading up the turmoil in Libya) immediately flipped over to the Health section, where I was delighted to find an article on why going easy on yourself is a good weight loss and health tool.  Finally! Vindication!  I swear I’ve been telling people this forever and no one wants to listen.

Apparently they did this study where they had two groups of women taste-test candies and doughnuts.  One group of women was reassured that they shouldn’t feel bad about eating the foods because everyone in the study had to do it, so it wasn’t a big deal.  The other group of women wasn’t given any such reassurance.  You would think that the ones who were told it’s okay to eat the sweets would be the ones who ate more, right?  But . . . no.  The group of women who wasn’t given any reassurance and were feeling guilty about what they were eating were actually overeating because of their guilt about it.  So counterproductive.

There’s more in the article about self-compassion and further details about the study.  It’s a great read, especially for anyone who is struggling to lose weight and deals with guilt eating.  Read the full article on the NY Times Well blog here.

(Keep reading for more commentary on how letting go of negative emotions helped me. . . and for the frittata recipe!)

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