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What Whitney Ate Wednesday (2/8/2012)

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Oh hello there! This is my new camera.  Which is why this post even came to be.  And moreover, why this post will be heavy on the photos.

Also, please note that the above picture was taken AFTER my workout yesterday.  So all things considered, I don’t look half bad.  The cleanliness of my mirror, however. . .

On a more pertinent note, this blog post is exactly what it sounds like.  I’m just going to show you what I ate today.  Yep. That’s it.  Why?  Because it’s the internet, and on the internet you assume that everyone finds your habits and opinions fascinating and sometimes even useful.  Obviously I must be at least a little right about this, because you’re still reading.  So. . . on with the food!

For breakfast (my favorite meal of the day) – 3 eggs, scrambled with one link chicken and apple sausage and some raspberries.

Roommates brother: The raspberries are out of place.  It’s a bunch of salty and then. . . raspberries.

Me: It’s like Paleo dessert.

But, really, it is.

For lunch: the most unphotogenic salad in the whole world.  It’s just butter lettuce, avocado and some barbacoa beef from The Kitchn.  As seen on Nom Nom Paleo, who makes me drool with her daily food photos.  I was going to sautee some baby bell peppers and red onion to accompany this, but I haven’t had time yet.  This has been a heavy homework week, so I’m just glad I have the beef at the ready.

Post-class/Pre-WOD snack.  More of that beef with strawberries and nut butter.  Yes, that is peanut butter.  Yes, I know peanut butter is technically not paleo.  But I alternate between almond, peanut and pecan-cashew butter regularly.  And a few tablespoons of the stuff is not going to kill me or hinder my progress or keep me from achieving my goals.

Why am I justifying my peanut butter to you?  If you’re judging me for my peanut butter, I am judging you for judging me about something as silly as a nut that is technically a legume.

Long story short, if you’re copying me but you’re on Whole30 or you want to be strict paleo, sub in something like Sunbutter or almond butter.  And you leave me and my little jar of peanut butter alone.

Not pictured: post-WOD protein shake with unsweetened almond milk and a few slices of frozen peaches.

And here is my late dinner. I pulled that serving of cabbage out of the oven a little too early, but I couldn’t wait any longer.  I also wish I had something else prepared because sausage (even though it has no preservatives or sweetener or nitrates) is not exactly the cleanest food in the world.  That’s what happens when I go home over the weekend, though.  It’s not as easy to get a variety of foods ready for the week.  Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

Other things not pictured: about 100 oz of water.  Mmmm water.

WOD today was sucky.  Because I hate rowing.

But I was relatively happy with my time, even though I was scaling my pushups.  Which I’m glad I did, because my arms got all tingly in the second round.  I’m sure they’re going to feel extra great tomorrow.

And that was what my day in CrossFit/Paleo looked like.  For as long as my camera addiction lasts or as long as the habit continues, I will try to do a post like this every Wednesday.  Even though people look at me weird when I take pictures before eating.  As previously stated, however, they can take their judgment elsewhere.  My camera is awesome and deserves to be  used.

Hopefully I will also someday make up my own recipes again.  I have one for a delicious noodle-free chicken soup that I should probably get around to writing down.  And making again, because it is super delicious.  Did I mention that it’s delicious?

And now, as an apology for this post being a bit of mess in the prose department, I will leave you with one of my test shots of Chris, who was kind enough to model for me last night as I played with the settings on my camera.

That is definitely the best thing about this whole post.